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Alvarado teaching a seminar in Puerto Rico in the 2000s

Alvarado teaching a seminar in Puerto Rico in the 2000s

Alvarado, Zingrone, and Associates have several consulting services on offer: Editorial, Teaching-related, Translation, and Research. Click on Services and you will find the drop down menu that explains what we’re able to do for you. At the bottom of each page you will find a contact form to get in touch and let us know what you need to have done and we’ll be glad to send you our rate sheet or provide you with an estimate.

Alvarado, a native-speaker of Spanish, has been publishing letters to the editors, book reviews and scholarly articles in English for more than 30 years. He’s also been blogging for about 15 years for several different organizations and more recently on his own blog page. Zingrone, while not as prolific a writer or blogger as Alvarado, has worked in editing and publishing on and off for as many years. Chisdes is new to editing and scholarly publication but brings a keen sense of what makes for clear communication to the mix.

Alvarado and Zingrone have been teaching separately and together, online and on-site for more than 30 years, and for the last half dozen years, they—especially Zingrone—have been taking advantage of every free online teaching training opportunity that arises. Their expertise has many virtual facets from Second Life to the WizIQ social media teaching platform to their own Moodle installation at

As for Research, Alvarado and Zingrone have collaborated in survey research and personality and individual differences research as well as in the history (Alvarado more than Zingrone) since the 1980s. Since the mid-2000s Chisdes joined them in their efforts as the three completed two web-based and two random surveys while the three were at the University of Virginia.

For more information on the specific types of services we can offer use the drop down menu under Services to explore the pages. Rates and the estimate and payment processes will be outlined soon. And every page, including this one, contains a contact form that you can use to tell us about any project you have that our services might fit.